about us


Since 2017, our essay prize has facilitated critical thought among young people. Through teaching, mentoring and coaching students we have exposed our students to a variety of Black academics, thinkers and artists, and we have supported and rewarded their responses to questions that relate to their lives as young Black British people.  

We believe young people are a powerful creative force.

Together, let's radically imagine our future.


Since, we have developed a series of programmes aimed at young Black people of different ages, resulting in a program that integrates a variety of creative mediums. Our approach is informed by leading educational and psychological research. Our students walk away with a portfolio of work, armed with the knowledge, confidence and skills to enter, disrupt and elevate academic spaces. 


As Audre Lorde said we do not live single issues lives, so our teaching and readings span the many intersections between race, gender, capital, social movements, health and climate justice. 

Our syllabus centres essays, poetry, prose, film, music & visual art by Black thinkers and creatives. We hope to show students the rich tradition of critical thought in our community and look forward to them creating work of their own.