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Year 8 

We invite students to investigate the implicit and explicit presence of black people in art, music and the media.

 We invite students to engage with Black speakers and poets and  share their experiences and opinions in our annual showcase.

Year 10 

We invite students to read, discuss and enjoy Black writers, give critical responses and produce original works. 

Year 12 

We invite students to engage with the rich tradition of critical black thought and provide their own responses to questions dealing with culturally relevant themes. 

Year 9 


Receive access to lectures, discussion groups and skills work-shops


Receive access to a curated syllabus of books, articles and music by Black thinkers


Receive mentorship from Black university students and graduates


Produce a well researched piece of work on a topic of their choice


Receive cash prizes & the chance to be published


Attend a Celebration Day at Oxford University

Race & Climate Justice, Identity & Belonging, 

BAME Mental Health, Black Feminism, 

Art & Revolution, Race & Resistance

Our programmes are now closed to submissions

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