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We are always looking for motivated, reliable, and intelligent people to help us achieve Thinking Black's mission.

We have a variety of roles to suit your expertise and strengths, all of which directly help us to open up radical education opportunities for young Black people.

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Lecturer (Paid) 


We are also looking for people to give lectures to our students. These will all be pre recorded. While we will provide topic information, descriptions, and some readings, lecturers will have to prepare slides for 1 to 3 30min lecture(s) and will work with us to develop supporting discussion material.


  • Prepare slides for 1, 2, or 3 lectures in a potential topic stream (more info here)

  • Deliver recorded presentation 

  • Collaborate with the content creation team to prepare some supporting discussion material


Ideal applicant: 

  • You have completed a undergraduate degree in your chosen lecture subject 

  • Undertaken postgraduate study in a related field 



  • £43 for each lecture delivered (accounting for preparation time) 


Deadlines for lecture recording

  • 31st October or 14th November

  • 12th December

 (Note availability on the above days are not required)

Mentor (Voluntary) - Not recruiting

Mentors will be required to check-in with our students and relay their comments and concerns to us and provide useful feedback on student work. You will receive training and resources to carry out this work.


Mentors will match with students based on their subject backgrounds and interests. Students will be encouraged to message mentors with questions and concerns. Mentors will be asked to feed concerns and feedback back to us. 



  • Contact 1 or 2 students a minimum of 2 times over the course of the programme 

  • Respond to emails with questions and concerns and rely back to the team 

  • Provide advice on subject and university related questions 


This is a voluntary role.