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Year 8 - Art History 

We invite students to investigate the implicit and explicit presence of black people in art, music and the media. 

Black People are cultural innovators, contributing and driving art forms around the world - yet we are rarely involved in the analysis and accreditation of our work.

We invite students to investigate the implicit and explicit presence of Black people in visual art, media and music. Art a vehicle that shapes public perception, rending it an influential tool for change.

Course Content

Race in Renaissnace Europe (1452-1564)


Black presence in Western European Art 

a. Elimination 15C - 16C

b. Anonymization 16C - 19C

c. Reclamation 20C - present 

d. Celebration - 20C - present


Practical Fundamentals 

a. Painting, Drawing, Photography and Sculpture 

Starting January 2022

 Black year 8 students (& their parents) are 

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