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Our Goals, Vision & Commitment

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mission statement

We curate interdisciplinary programmes of study, delivering content and skills lectures, providing mentorship, and celebrating & rewarding our participants with prizes.

Thinking Black provides Black students with the opportunity to see themselves reflected in their syllabus. Our students respond to work by Black academics, writers and artists and are supported in producing written and spoken responses.

By integrating political science, philosophy, literature, art, engineering and life sciences, we hope to introduce Black students to the rich tradition of critical black thought, and hope that it not only informs their academic work but provides an invaluable framing of the world around them.

We believe young people are a powerful creative force, we hope that through assessing and examining some of the socio-political conditions that have given rise to contemporary social issues, they will use these lessons to radically imagine the future. 

We believe that young black people should not only be present, but also thriving in academic spaces that gatekeep knowledge. Informed by cutting-edge research in education and psychology, we employ these findings to equip our students with the skills to enter and disrupt academic spaces. 

Working to equip and empower a generation of young Black voices.

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