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Climate Justice is Racial Justice 

Explore how institutional racism pervades our healthcare systems, the physical and mental effect it has on our bodies, and effective action to close this gap.

Programmes > African-Carribean Tyler (ACT) Essay Prize > Climate Justice is Racial Justice 

This module will draw from politics, history and climate science to explore the political discourse surrounding climate justice movements.

Related disciplines: Health & Life Sciences (Medicine, Biology, Psychology)

Climate crisis threatens the lives of all. However, while some nations have emitted large quantities of greenhouse gases in the past, the immediate detrimental effects stand to most immediately impact ‘developing’ countries and communities of colour. Yet, climate justice movements often exclude voices of colour and are centered around individualist practise. Students will be asked to explore questions relating to climate justice and we as young Black people might critically assess and redesign green technology with our communities in mind. 

Abena, Module Leader

"There is no need to consider the past when designing and implementing climate resistant solutions. Sustainable development should only focus on the future."  Discuss.


Tofunmi is currently completing her Barrister Vocational Studies and LLM at City, University of London. She believes in the need to actively decolonise the curriculum and sees education and knowledge as a tool to empower children and young people. 

Tofunmi   |  Module Leader for Climate Justice is Racial Justice 

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