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Our Time is Now

Explore how institutional racism pervades our healthcare systems, the physical and mental effect it has on our bodies, and effective action to close this gap.

This module will focus on the political and historical writings of figures from across the Black diaspora in an effort to move away from mere Black radical iconography toward a genuine understanding of Black radicalism in its morals, principles, and politics.

Related disciplines: Health & Life Sciences (Medicine, Biology, Psychology)

Do Black Lives Matter? To who and why? Will we really win this time? What are the differences between “this time” and times past when it comes to Black liberation? In a moment of great mainstream concern over the global disregard for Black lives, what can we learn from the past and apply to our present?  The police-state executions of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Jacob Blake are just the latest round of the consistent and horrific terror campaign waged against Black people in the United States over the last 250 years. This module probes these questions and focuses on the history and politics of Black liberation struggles over the centuries in the hopes that students sharpen their political analysis of the world as it is currently constructed in relation to Black communities across the world.

Abena, Module Leader

What political similarities and/or differences arise when we compare our present “Black Lives Matter” moment and the “Black Liberation Movement” of the 1960s and 70s.


Grace is an undergraduate finalist at St Catherine’s college, Oxford studying History and English. Grace is particularly passionate about educational access, having worked on the Oxford UNIQ summer school and for the company Study Higher, who help young carers among other widening participation groups.

Grace   |  Module Leader for Our Time is Now


The 13th - Directed by Ava Duvernay (2016)


From Rebellion to Revolution - Eugene Genovese (1979)

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